September 2020

Welcome to the September 2020 issue of The Portal Periodical, which brings you updates on changes and additions to Portal, alerts you to relevant news & information, and solicits feedback to help us improve the Portal. Want to get in touch? Please provide Feedback.

COVID-19 Update

We continue to update our COVID-19 information page with links to useful and credible resources for information about the global and national situation, as well as local information in partner regions. The newest additions include information about return-to-school (in-person, online, or hybrid) around the United States.
Our Services Directory offers information about a variety of potential service providers, including respite care, emergency food and financial assistance, and housing information. Please contact individual providers to confirm their hours and programs before visiting as many may have adjusted operations at this time. Stay healthy!

Menu Changes

Topics and sub-topics in the For Parents & Families and For Physicians & Professionals pages all have an Overview page; we have changed how this page appears on the menu.
screenshot menu section showing Overview pages in the menu with red boxes around them
screenshot menu section showing clickable top level topic pages in the menu with red boxes around them
Previously, each topic or sub-topic with multiple pages had an Overview page (red boxes above); clicking the topic opened the menu of pages and sub-topics. Clicking Overview took you to the topic overview page. Now, clicking the topic or sub-topic title takes you to the Overview page and opens to the menu to show additional pages and sub-topics. Topics with multiple pages show "| v" after the topic title. Clicking the "v" opens the menu of pages and sub-topics without opening the overview page.

Meet the Portal Staff: Jennifer Goldman-Luthy

Woman with long brown hair, glasses, and a red shirt smiling at the camera
Meet Jennifer Goldman-Luthy, MD, MRP, FAAP! Dr. Goldman-Luthy is a Content Developer for the Portal. Her recently published pages on the Portal include our new pages on Cranial Deformation and Craniosynostosis and Mental Health Screening for Children & Teens. She also authored the recent update to our Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Module for clinicians.
Since 2011, she has practiced General Pediatrics at the University of Utah Pediatric Clinic (Clinic 6) and also sees patients at Sugar House Health Center and attends in the Well Baby and Intermediate Care Nurseries at the University Hospital. Jennifer also serves on the Governing Board for the Salt Lake Arts Academy and as the physician-advisor for the Salt Lake City School District. She likes spending her free time with her two teenagers, spouse, pets, and socially distanced friends.

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