September 2019

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Mental Health Service Category Changes

The Medical Home Portal Services Directory (for the Nationwide "www" region plus our six partner states) have information about thousands of service providers. We organize our providers into categories to make it easier for users to find them. We also use categories on our content pages to connect users to service providers related to the diagnosis or topic they're reading about.
We regularly review and update our service categories. Most of these changes are small, but we recently completed a total overhaul of our Mental Health/Counseling > … (see ID providers [489]) categories. This year-long project involved collaboration with staff from partner states as well as consultation with mental health experts. The new Mental Health/Counseling categories allow users to locate mental health providers by a variety of relevant characteristics, including level of service (inpatient, intensive outpatient, outpatient, etc), age group served, and issues of specialty.
Please explore our new Mental Health/Counseling service categories, which are still being populated with providers, and don't hesitate to send us Feedback.

Search Improvements

Did you know that the Medical Home Portal has hundreds of pages of content? These include:
Navigating all that content can be a challenge, so we're working on improvements to site search for the Portal. In the near future, you'll be able to search for results from specific sections of the Portal (For Parents & Families, Services Directory, etc.). Search is part of how people navigate the internet and better search feature will make it easier for you to get the results you want searching on the Portal.

Meet the Portal Staff: Dale-Marie Herring

Meet Dale-Marie Herring! Dale is the Technical Editor for the Medical Home Portal. Dale joined the Portal team in September 2013. Dale manages the creation, updating, and review of clinical content pages, including Diagnosis Modules and Newborn Disorder, For Physicians sections, including Screening and Common Issues pages. She also edits clinical content for clarity, which means lots of research as well as working closely with authors and expert reviewers, and adherence to the Portal's style guidelines. Once she's done all this, she also enters the content online and publishes it! Dale is also highly involved in efforts to improve the Portal's online "findability" through search engines and other resources.


Services for Patients & Families in Idaho (ID)

For services not listed above, browse our Services categories or search our database.

* number of provider listings may vary by how states categorize services, whether providers are listed by organization or individual, how services are organized in the state, and other factors; Nationwide (NW) providers are generally limited to web-based services, provider locator services, and organizations that serve children from across the nation.

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