March 2019

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Getting the Most out of the Portal's Nationwide Landing Page

If you live in a partner state (Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Rhode Island, or Utah), do you always go to the Portal for your state? You should!
screenshot showing Nationwide Portal with state site dropdown menu open
As of November 2018, our landing page at provides Nationwide information and services. Accessing your state's Portal will ensure that you see relevant providers from your state's Services Directory, as well as state-specific links and content about a variety of topics.
screenshot showing Utah Portal with Set UT as my home site button
Navigate to your state's Portal via your state's URL (example:, or use the dropdown menu from any Portal page to select your state. Tell us to remember your state preference by clicking the "Set My State as my home site" button under the state dropdown menu. After that, we will take you back to your home state's site if you click web search results or other links to the Nationwide Portal. You'll want to set your home site on every browser/device you use.

The Portal on the Road

Dr. Chuck Norlin, Lennea Bower, and Gina Pola-Money from the Portal team attended the 2019 AMCHP Conference in San Antonio – They presented a poster about the Portal and staffed an exhibitor booth. It was a great opportunity to chat with a number of maternal and child health students and professionals from current partner states and around the country!
Table with display binders and items with a sign and screen in the background all advertising Medical Home Portal
poster and smaller page attached to a board

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