June 2019

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Services Improvements

The Services Directory and Service Providers are an important part of the Portal for many users.
In fact, over a third of Portal visits start somewhere in the Services Directory! The Portal team, in collaboration with our state partners, is constantly working to improve your experience with Services. This includes updating and adding Service Providers; managing the Service Categories that are used to organize the Services Directory and link to Service Providers from Portal pages; and improving Services Directory navigation.
Recent improvements include:
  • Expanding our Nationwide Services Directory and displaying these Service Providers in some state's Services Directories.
  • Improving services search to help you find additional results based on Service Categories.
  • Improving our Service Categories -- we've recently changed some category names and we're currently gathering expert input to guide improvements in our Mental Health/Counseling categories.

Meet the Portal: Al Romeo

Headshot of man wearing a suit
Meet Al Romeo, RN, PhD! Al is a Consultant for the Medical Home Portal. He's been part of the Portal team since 2005. He's worked as an author on a number of Portal pages, including, most recently, our Maternal Lead Exposure and Childhood Lead Exposure pages. Al is also a teratology information specialist with the MotherToBaby Utah program, which recently celebrated its thirty-fifth anniversary: MotherToBaby Utah 35th Anniversary. He was also a guest on the June 14 episode of Utah podcast Baby Your Baby where he spoke about taking medication during pregnancy: Baby Your Baby: Taking Medications During Pregnancy Podcast (KUTV 2News).

Recruiting Usability Evaluation Participants

The Medical Home Portal needs your help to find parents of children and youth with special health care needs who can help us improve their experience when they visit our website to find information and services. No prior exposure to or use of the Medical Home Portal required. If you work with or are the parent of a CYSHCN who might be willing to spend 20-30 minutes for a brief interview and an online sorting activity, please reach out to Geoff Anderson (geoff.anderson@utah.edu) or Dan Gillen (dan.gillen@utah.edu) at the University of Utah. Participants will be given a $25 Amazon gift card for their assistance. Remote interview options available.

New and Updated Content

New & Updated Diagnosis Modules and Newborn Disorder Pages Other New & Updated Clincial Content
Diagnosis Module: 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome Calcium and Vitamin D
Diagnosis Module: Biotinidase Deficiency Caring for Burn Injuries in Children (New!)
Diagnosis Module: Childhood Absence Epilepsy Missing link with id: 88d3be56.xml
Diagnosis Module: Leukodystrophies Missing link with id: fd17b7cd.xml
Diagnosis Module: Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I (MPS 1) Missing link with id: 479f4eb8.xml
Newborn Disorder: Missing link with id: f19fcea6.xml Oral Health (New!)
Newborn Disorder: Missing link with id: a921f080.xml Puberty and Pubertal Variations (New!)
Newborn Disorder: Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) Skin and Wound Care for CYSHCN (New!)
Newborn Disorder: Spinal Muscular Atrophy (FAQ) (New!) Treating Diaper Rash (New!)

Authors & Reviewers

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Current Authors and Reviewers:
Contributing Author: Lennea Bower, MA