June 2018

Nationwide and Utah Service Providers in the Portal

Currently, when you go to the (www) Medical Home Portal, the content and the Services Directory contain information about Utah service providers because, for many years, Utah was the Portal’s only state partner. We now partner with 5 other states, each with its own Portal (e.g., New Mexico’s nm.medicalhomeportal.org, ), to provide information about their local service providers. Very soon, the main Portal will instead show information about nationwide providers that serve individuals across the country or who provide services at a physical location(s) for children and youth with special health care needs who live anywhere in the US (or perhaps beyond). Information about the 4400 service providers in our Utah database will be found in the Utah Medical Home Portal (ut.medicalhomeportal.org), along with the nationwide providers. You can choose the Utah Portal from the drop-down list at the top of each page, just to the right of our logo – it is already active. When you visit it, please bookmark the Utah Portal or, if you permit cookies, once you’ve chosen it we will take you there the next time you visit (even if you forget and go to the www site).

USU Distance Sites for UCCCN meetings

Through generous support from the Institute for Disability Research, Policy & Practice at Utah State University (USU), the Utah Children's Care Coordination Network (UCCCN) has expanded its reach by allowing members around the state to attend meetings in USU distance ed sites. These high-tech rooms are connected so that everyone in any linked site can see/hear and be seen/heard by the others. It’s the next best thing to actually being there. So far, USU rooms in Salt Lake (where the in-person meetings are held), Vernal, and Blanding have been used, and we look forward to connecting to even more. If you have staff who perform care coordination roles for your pediatric patients with chronic or complex conditions, we would love to have them join us for our monthly UCCCN meetings at a USU distance site (see USU Regional Campuses for locations).

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