June 2016

Local Service Provider Lists

The Portal has a new “My Lists” feature that lets users create lists of service providers from the Portal's Services Directory that they can save, share with others, and print whenever they want. Follow the steps below to create your own custom lists of local service providers.
  1. Click on the “My Guest List” link in the top right of all Portal pages (except the home page).
    screenshot new Guest list link
  2. To add service providers to your Guest List, click on the Services Directory link, search or browse to a specific provider record, and click the star next to the service category you’re interested in. Add more providers until you have the list you want.
    screenshot of service provider ready to be added to a list for a specific category
  3. Click on the link (the star is now solid and the number of providers in your list is displayed) and you will see your full list.
    screenshot of Guest list link with star
  4. Your Guest list has a unique URL so you can bookmark this page. However, you can’t access the full set of List features unless you login and save your Guest list.
  5. To save your list, click on the dots next to the My Guest List link and then click “Login to Save.” Or, click the “Sign-in” link in the top right of every page.
    screenshot Guest List link with dots
  6. If you haven’t already created your free Portal account, you can easily do so on the Sign-in page to get back to your list – it just requires your email address and a password.
  7. After logging in, you can save, name, copy, share, and/or further modify your list. You can also create multiple lists and share them with others.
    screenshot of List Buttons
  8. To share a list, first click the Share button, then copy the link and send. The recipient can now view your list as a Guest, or register for a Portal account of their own to make a copy of your list, and modify it as they choose.
Care coordinators might make use of multiple lists to share with families, other care coordinators, or members of the medical home team. Families can share lists with other families. Whenever the Portal’s services database gets updated, information on lists is updated, too.
Here’s a list we’ve created for you to get started with: Utah ABA Therapy Providers. If you have any questions about using lists, please contact us through our Feedback form.

Rhode Island & Nevada to Join the Portal

Next month, we’ll be adding two new states as Portal partners: Nevada joins as another intermountain state, and, the great state of Rhode Island! Their local community service providers will be available in the Portal database if you choose that state from the drop down list.
screenshot state selection Dropdown list

UCCCN Fall Learning Session

The Utah Children's Care Coordination Network (UCCCN) is considering putting on an approximately 3-hour Learning Session sometime this fall (September or October) for your practice or organization’s Medical Home team.
The agenda would include topics such as:
  • Care coordination roles and responsibilities – detailing them and adapting to your practice
  • A focused review of past UCCCN topics and an introduction to new ones
  • Perspectives of the roles of primary care for children and youth with special health care needs in Utah (patients’, parents’, specialists’, comprehensive care’s, insurers’)
  • Improving outcomes of pediatric care coordination, including funding it, family partners, etc. A panel discussion about implementing care coordination.
We’d like to know:
A. If this is something you think you and your team would attend
B. If so, when the best day of the week and time would be, generally
C. Which of the topics above, or other, you'd like on the agenda – please indicate (or share your own idea)
Please send your responses to mindy.tueller@utah.edu by July 15th, 2016.

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Initial publication: June 2016; last update/revision: June 2016
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Author: Mindy Tueller, MS, MCHES