Partnering with the Portal

What Does the Portal Offer?

The Medical Home Portal provides a one-stop-shop for information related to supporting children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) and their families in its partner states – each with their own Medical Home Portal site that includes a directory of relevant service providers in their state (or region), along with the content and resources found on all of the states’ and the Nationwide sites:
  • Information and resources for families about caring and advocating for CYSHCN from birth through transition-to-adulthood;
  • Detailed information and tools to help clinicians care for children with any of over 50 diagnoses/conditions and responding to positive newborn screening tests;
  • Information and resources to support clinicians and parents in partnering to improve care and outcomes for CYSHCN in the Medical Home model.
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Why Partner with the Portal?

The Medical Home Portal will be a robust shared resource for your state’s CYSHCN and their families, their clinicians, and other professionals. Your state portal will have a custom domain (e.g., Missing link with id: 6172) with state-specific content (more details below) and individual usage metrics. Your state’s Portal will:
  • House a directory of local (and nationwide) community and professional service providers for CYSHCN and their families;
  • Include links to information about relevant service providers from content pages within your Portal site;
  • Link to resources developed by state or local agencies or specific to your state;
  • Include state-specific narrative content;
  • Support residents creating and sharing basic custom lists of service providers;
  • Provide a framework for enhancing collaboration with your state’s Family to Family Health Information Center;
  • Provide a framework for enhancing coordination of care for CYSHCN by care coordinators in primary care practices, insurance companies, and other settings;
  • Receive ongoing marketing support from the Portal’s staff, including assistance with strategy, materials, and presentations
  • Offer you a seat on the Portal’s Advisory Board, through which you will receive regular updates on Portal progress, contribute ideas, guide ongoing improvements, and support its spread and sustainability
  • Provide you and your staff with initial training and ongoing support for acquiring, maintaining, and improving information for your state’s Services Directory.

How Can My State Partner with the Portal?

Key steps to building a successful partnership with the Portal:
  • Identify an organization or agency that could sponsor your state’s Portal, such as your state’s Title V agency (see Missing link with id: 4699);
  • Identify additional organizations that might be stakeholders in efforts to develop and maintain content and services information, such as the state chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (Missing link with id: 3031), your University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD, see Missing link with id: 7060), or other agencies/organizations that care about children and families;
  • Contact us for more information, assistance, and guidance – contact the Services Support Manager at or call 801-587-2365.

Where Would We Get Information for Our State's Services Directory?

A 2-1-1 Information and Referral organization, responsible for maintaining information on community health and human services, may be an excellent place to start – find your local 2-1-1 at Missing link with id: 5745.
Some partner states gather and maintain local services data themselves, utilize directories created by other state organizations, or collaborate with other Information and Referral programs. The Portal's team will work with you to identify the options, determine the best approach for your state, and resolve any technical problems with database imports.

Who Already Partners with the Portal?

Initially developed in and for Utah, the Portal was reprogrammed, with support from a National Library of Medicine grant (1 G08 LM007680-01A2) and a Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA) Quality Demonstrations grant (1Z0C030547-01-0), to enable sharing its content with other states and regions around the country. Our current partner state sites are:
  • Missing link with id: 6173, supported by the Missing link with id: 5707
  • Missing link with id: 6494, supported by the Missing link with id: 6548
  • Missing link with id: 6914, supported by the Missing link with id: 6561 and Missing link with id: 5708
  • Missing link with id: 6344, supported by the Missing link with id: 6552
  • Missing link with id: 6174, supported by the Utah Missing link with id: 6547

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Contact Us

If you are interested in partnering with the Portal, or just want more information, please contact us by using the Missing link with id: 4a29f0c9.xml form or by emailing



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Content Last Updated: 1/2019